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This week correspondent investor Verus Mortgage Capital (VMC. Rated by S&P Global Ratings and Morningstar, the transaction included 809 owner occupied non-QM loans as well as non-owner occupied.

Investor Loan Rates Check out some of the top five lowest-rate variable and fixed investment home loans on Canstar’s database this month. Check out some of the top five lowest-rate variable and fixed investment home loans on Canstar’s database this month..

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Non owner occupied: Purchase and R&T to 85% LTV, no MI, up to $2.5 million; Cash out to 80% LTV, no MI; 40-year fixed rate mortgage with 10 year interest-only period (max 43% DTI) Expanded DTI up to 50%; Unlimited financed properties for LTV of 70% or below (second home & non-owner occupied) Shorter seasoning requirement from major credit events

Subprime Mortgage for Owner Occupied. The most common is the adjustable rate mortgage (arm), which initially charges a fixed interest rate, and then convert to a floating rate based on an index such as LIBOR, plus a margin. The better known types of ARMs include 3/27 and 2/28 ARMs. We offer subprime mortgage loans for owner occupied and non owner occupied properties.

A strong and genuine belief in the ‘customer for life’ principal of doing business is what fuels this company. Referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have always delivered the majority of the company’s production. We use the most advanced technology available to close loans quickly, at a low cost.

Requirements for Owner-Occupancy; Multiple borrowers: Only one borrower needs to occupy and take title to the property, except as otherwise required for mortgages that have guarantors or co-signers. (See B2-2-04, Guarantors, Co-Signers, or Non-Occupant Borrowers on the Subject Transaction.)

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Learn more about non qualified mortgage rates, lenders, guidelines and additional information about qualifying for Non QM loans in 2019.

However, understand two important qualifying factors with non-owner occupied home loans. First, lenders will factor in a vacancy factor, often around 5 percent to10 percent. This lowers your projected income from rent on an annual basis.

Non Owner-Occupied Financing. Because you do not intend to occupy the house, the lender considers it a riskier transaction and has stricter guidelines. At least a 20 percent down payment will be required and often a 25 percent down payment. Rates and fees will be higher than for an owner-occupied home. If you buy a house in this manner, the asset will belong completely to you.